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Although today may be a Fantastic Friday, for many of us, it is not for the families of Philando Castile’s and Alton Sterling. On a typical Friday, they may have woke up thinking about how they were going to spend their weekend. Instead, today, they woke up thinking about they will never hear the voice, the laugh, see the smile, or feel the comforting touch of a husband, fiancé, father, son, nephew, or uncle. Today they woke up thinking about funeral arrangements, meeting with lawyers, and will anyone be held accountable? Today they woke up to another day of incomprehensible grief, unmeasurable loss, and unquenchable outrage.

I wish I could believe this would be the last time we experience such an event. I wish I could tell you I am not concerned about the safety of the black males who I consider friends and family. However, unfortunately, these incidents are only a manifestation of the lack of human security in many of America’s black and brown communities; a lack of freedom from fear and freedom from want. Yes, the United States has made strides in equality and race relations. Yet, some progress does not justify inaction. The research has been completed, and the solutions identified to address the excessive, senseless killing of black and brown males by police officers, and the racial disparities in the criminal justice system. So what can we do? #1) At the most fundamental level; vote!! – In all elections, not just the Presidential election; #2) Keep the cameras rolling; #3) Refuse to accept this as the new normal.

“To be concern about these issues is not to be against law enforcement”

President Barack Obama

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