DrPortiaFaceShotHappy Friday!!  

Hope you week has been enjoyable. Today, I want to talk about anger. What are you angry about? How is that anger showing up in your life; impatience, quick temper, cannot connect with others, or constantly losing friendships, relationships? Some of you may think this is just who I am; my personality. However, I challenge you to think about when did this begin? When did you start becoming a constantly upset and annoyed person? What happen in your life at that time? Now, please understand, anger is not a “bad emotion.” All emotions are signals that give us guidance, about the actions we need to take. But, you were not deigned to be continually angry. So, today what is your anger telling you? Is it saying; forgive; let go; relax, it’s over; time to move on emotionally and mentally; I need to deal with this, once and for all; I need to let him/her how I feel once and for all; time to walk away; I am not going to let what happen control me the rest of my life; I need help. Whatever message your anger is speaking to you today. I pray that you listen, and take action; so that you can start fully enjoying your life. It’s not too late!!!!  Have an awesome day and restful weekend!!!!!

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