DrPortiaFaceShotHappy Wonderful Monday!!

This weekend I was traveling; taking a road trip. While driving, I was also praying and meditating about what to write about today. As I was driving through a certain portion of Virginia, I became keenly aware of all the signs that Spring was here: the fully blooming trees, all the greenery, the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of the blooming trees. It was very beautiful. As I continued to drive, I was reminded that the last time I drove through this section of Virginia; it was during Winter. I recall thinking, during that drive also thinking “how beautiful the landscape was.” However, it looked very different from what I was seeing today. During Winter, the same trees were bare, much of the grass was tan or brown in color, and there were patches of snow on the fields. As I pondered on these experiences, the thought came to me that every season is beautiful. We often tend to think of Spring and Fall as being the most beautiful seasons, because of the vibrant greens and colors of newly blooming flowers and trees, and the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. Yet, I realized every season has its unique beauty. We just have to be open to recognizing it. The same can be said about the seasons of our lives. Even when it is a difficult and unpleasant season, there is still something beautiful there to see, and experience. I pray today that you will find the beauty, in whatever season you find yourself in.

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