DrPortiaFaceShotGood Morning,

I hope all of you who live in the United States had an enjoyable Father’s Day!! We often put emotions in two categories; bad/negative emotions and good/positive emotions. Emotions like sadness, anger, anxiety and fear are considered bad. While emotions like happy, excited, loving are considered good. However, emotions in and of themselves are neither bad nor good. It is really how we react to those emotions. If we are angry and we express that anger through violence. We label the anger as a bad emotion. However, it is not the anger the person is experiencing that is bad. But their reaction to what they were feeling. Emotions are actually messengers they tell us something about a situation, person, action or decision. Sometimes fear tells us to stay away from a person or situation. A feeling of peace gives us the message that a certain decision is the right one. Because we place emotions in categories of “good or bad” we often try to avoid experiencing certain emotions that could be helpful to us. Thus, we often miss the messages such emotions are trying to deliver us. So today, I want everyone to allow themselves to feel a little more; do not miss the messages your emotions are delivering to you.

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