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Over the weekend, I found myself reflecting on some of the challenges I have faced in my life, as well as those of others. It’s amazing how two people can face similar situations; and for one its life changing and inspiring, for the other is devastating. Psychology contributes the difference in outcome to the difference in resilience each person demonstrates. Theology contributes the difference in outcome to the difference in faith that each person demonstrates. Regardless of which explanation you lean towards; the common theme is our ability to overcome adversity begins with the internal; what is inside of us. Much of the stress we experience from difficult situations originates from within us. Often we rush to action when faced with challenges instead of taking a moment to ensure our internal self is in a good place. Interestingly, both resilience and faith can be increased. So today, let us take inventory of what is happening inside of us, as we face various challenges/adversities. Are we talking faith, confidence, and optimism; but inside we are fearful, anxious, hopeless, and overwhelmed. Take some time to build up, and care for our internal self. Some ways of doing this include: keeping things in perspective, anticipating a better future, prayer, reading of holy scripture, seeing situations as solvable, being hopeful, rehearsing/remembering past positive outcomes, reading inspiring stories of others, making connections with positive, listening to inspiring stories, encouraging people, and speaking well of ourselves.

“If you wouldn’t say those things to someone else you love, why are you saying them to yourself?”

― Elaina Marie,

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