Today, I want to encourage everyone to have Patience in the Process. By process, I mean “a series of changes that happen naturally and lead to a particular result.” We typically do not intentionally, initiate these times of process. They tend to emerge unexpectantly. Usually, before we realize it we are fully immersed in the process.

Many times it is not comfortable; we may even feel a little off balance. Often we do not fully understand the specific end the process is leading us to; although, we know it is taking us somewhere. If, this is your story today. Take a deep breath, quiet yourself, listen, remain calm and do not become annoyed. This is practicing Patience in the Process. When we are patient during our times of process, they tend to be much more fulfilling and life-changing for the better.

“Your process is what determines the weight of your journey. Submit to your process so that your journey can be great.”

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

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