DrPortiaFaceShotGood Morning, Happy Monday!!

Today, we are beginning the first week after the Presidential election in the United States. I have refrained from commenting on the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. This restraint was not due to my lack of opinion. However, I wanted to be thoughtful instead of reactionary. Also, I realized like so many in the nation, I was grieving about the outcome of the election. Thus, I had to allow myself some time to experience such feelings. Additionally, I recognized that many in the United States were celebrating the election outcome. Thus, I wanted to be respectful of those individuals; even if I did not agree with the outcome or their opinions. With that said, it is my hope and prayer that what is good and right about our nation, and those who espouses these traits; rise up and overcome the dark and most disturbing attributes of the United States: racism, prejudice, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, and misogyny. Unfortunately, we are already hearing stories of blatant acts of prejudice, racism, and bigotry occurring. It is the right of our democracy to have differing political views. However, it is not the right of our democracy to engage in such acts. After the election of President Obama, many insisted that the United States had entered a post racial era. Many of us did not agree with this conclusion. It is apparent given the ongoing and escalating, blatant acts of racism, prejudice, and bigotry; this is not the case. Yet, as I have continued to reflect on the outcome of this election, within the context of faith, hope and meaning; the thought that emerged was –The cream has to rise to the top before it can be skimmed off.

I pray for our strength as a nation during this time of rising and skimming.

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