Happy Magnificent Monday!!

Hope everyone was able to get some rest over this weekend. The theme for February Blogs will be balance. Usually, when balance is mention. Everyone instantly thinks, the balance between work life and family/personal life. Yet, as human beings we are mind, body, emotions and spirit. Thus, there are many other areas that we must be mindful to seek balance. Today, there is even a philosophy that to achieve great success in any area requires a lack of balance. This perspective assumes that you must focus the majority of your effort in the area you are trying to achieve success while neglecting other areas. However, instead of seeking “great success” lets strive for “good success.” Good success is that which does not require you to be imbalance – causing sorrow, emotional/mental/spiritual pain or loss of health, relationships, or integrity.

So today, as we pursue balance – ask yourself the question. Has the success(es) in my life caused me to be imbalance? If so, how? What do I need to begin, to do differently to regain balance?

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