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Hopefully, everyone is a little more rested on this Wednesday because of the shorter work week; at least for those of us who live in the United States or Canada. As I was thinking about today’s blog; the question that came to mind was “How do you handle adversity?” How do you handle those unexpected, and unwelcomed events that life likes to deliver on our doorsteps? Unfortunately, these events often arrive like UPS packages; unannounced, on the front porch in the middle of the door way. So when you open your front door, you bang into the package or trip over it. I must admit I do not like adversity. I have to resist the urge to have an adult temper tantrum when faced with adversity; sometimes my resistance is stronger than at other times. I wish everyday was just sunshine, blue skies and endless miles of emerald blue seas. But life is not like that. We will all have our hard, difficult, wish it would just go away times of life. So what perspective should you to adopt, which will most likely help you successfully get through such times? Flexibility in thought, emotions, and expectations; hopefulness, laughter, faith, being realistic about the difficulty but not endlessly wallowing in it. It’s okay to cry, yell and scream. Sometimes it is a good idea too literally schedule your crying, yelling, and screaming times. However, do not allow yourself to get stuck emotionally in that place. Remembering all the times before that you, and maybe even those around you wrote you off, thought you would never recover or get over “this;” but you proved them and yourself wrong; forgiving yourself and letting go of self-blame. Of course learn from your mistakes, but self-ridicule has never served anyone well. There is enough folks in the world who are willing to take on that task for you. They do not need your help. Also, seeking out professional counseling doing this time can be very helpful and invaluable. As I once heard a colleague say, a counseling session is the only place someone can say whatever is on his/her mind and not be concerned about people’s reactions.

“Sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right.”

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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