DrPortiaFaceShotGood Morning,

As we enter day three, after the tragedy in Orlando, please continue to pray for the strength, peace and unity of this city. First pray for the families of those who died or were injured. Pray for the strength and wisdom of the medical professionals who treated the victims of this tragedy. Please pray for the city officials who are being expected to have answers to questions they have never faced. Pray for the peace and healing of the local first responders, who responded to the scene, and the aftermath of the impact of seeing such loss of life. Pray for the strength of their families, as they try to comfort the family member who was one of those local first responders. As a 13 year veteran of the fire service, retiring as a Captain, I will not insult them by saying I understand. But I will say that many forget it is not only the first responder who makes the sacrifice to perform such duties. Their families also make such a sacrifice, as well. Pray for the city officials and first responders who actual had family and friends in the nightclub, and; as yet have not had time to grieve because they are trying to care for others. Pray for the strength, endurance, and compassion of the disaster response team members who have been deployed to Orlando. Pray for the strength of the local mental health providers and those who were deployed to Orlando to assist. Pray for the strength, peace, and healing of the LGBT and Muslim community.

“May God’s peace, wisdom and strength reign over Orlando.”

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