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Today, let’s be mindful! Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention and keeping your mind focus on the present moment. Instead, most of us spend a lot of time thinking about the past, what I should have, or could have done different or worrying about the future. Much of the stress, and anxiety we experience is due to a lack of mindfulness. The negative physical effects of that stress is known all too well: poor sleep, weight gain, high blood pressure; irritability; poor eating habits; and misuse of alcohol and substances. In contrast, Mindfulness is getting your thoughts under control. Being mindful and focusing on the present, helps you be calmer and happier. It helps you to correctly see situations as they are and not as you “think.” For the rest of the week, try this simple, fun mindfulness exercise that will begin to help you improve your mindfulness.

 Mindfulness Exercise #1– Reverse the Order

Reverse the order in which you do things. Be involved in the awkwardness of reversing the order in which you make your coffee, put on your clothes in the morning, shower, or cook breakfast.

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