DrPortiaFaceShotHello All,

I realize that some of those who read my blogs are from other nations. Yet, given that I am an American, the current events of violence against civilians and police officers, the tensions we are facing in the United States, and my mission to shed light on the lack of human security in the United States. I would be amiss to remain silent. So today, I want to encourage all not to lose hope in the face of these challenging times. For many of us who lived through segregation, and then the integration of our nation, we feel as if the clock has been turned back. Yet, as our President so eloquently reminded us on yesterday, as a nation we have made tremendous strides in race relations. I can attest to this personally. I recall that the beach, I now ride my bike on, and whose waters I swim in without a thought; at one time I would not have been allowed to frequent. So as a nation of people who hail from diverse ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientation, we have proven time and again that change is possible. Of course, sometimes that change comes at great cost, and with much sacrifice, and struggle. So, let us continue to pray for our nation, all the families that have lost loves ones to gun violence and police shootings. Let us pray for Wisdom inspired solutions to the issues of human insecurity in the United States that are faced by so many communities in America: poverty, racial/ethnic bias, income inequality, community violence, substandard schools, substandard housing, and unemployment.

May all of us strive to be part of the solution!

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