DrPortiaFaceShotToday I want to talk about the power of hope and relationship. In psychology, the two main factors that help our clients to get better are: if we can instill in them a sense of hope and if we build a positive therapeutic relationship with them. As I often joke with my graduate students, you can be a pretty lousy therapist in regards to your clinical skills. But if you are excellent at helping your clients to hope and building a good relationship, with them, there will be some improvement. Sometimes when we experience distress or difficult times in our lives; we are tempted to isolate, not talk about it or find something to distract ourselves. However, I want to encourage you find that one thing that gives you a sense of hope. For some of us, it is our faith in God or Higher Power, for others it may be the Universe. Whatever it is for you; seek it out. Next, use the power of the positive, supportive, and trusting relationships you have. Enjoy your day!!! Keep hoping!!


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