I feel the need today to revisit the topic of fear. Most are familiar with the aspect of fear that has to do with being afraid. Yet, many do not realize that fear also involves worry. If you look at its definition it states to be afraid and worried about something or someone bad, or unpleasant. Amazingly, research shows that 90% of “the stuff” we fear is insignificant. So, why does fear have such a paralyzing effect upon us? Why does it make things, situations seem so large and insurmountable? If 90% of what we fear is insignificant. It’s because of “the worry” aspect of fear. When we worry, we are constantly thinking about the feared situation or person. It dominates our mind in such an incredible way that it enlarges the situation and eventually paralyzes us. Amazingly, 85% of what we worry about never happens.

I do not know what fear you are facing today. I encourage you to ask yourself these questions: Does it really matter, what I am afraid of? How long have I been worrying about this thing, and has it happen yet? Secondly, take notice of how much mental energy you are spending thinking about it. Every time you feel your mind drifting into worry; replace that thought with one that is more positive and affirming, but relevant to your fear.

“There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.”

Andre Gide

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