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Fear is a topic that I have written about on various posts. Recently, I was reflecting about how to overcome and move pass fears associated with something you are trying to accomplish. I was taken back to my years as a firefighter, and the training in recruit school. The training was designed to make you comfortable with, as well as respectful of the danger, and manage any fear. The purpose of this training was to ensure that you would not be paralyzed by danger or fear, and could accomplish the desired outcome. These outcomes could be whatever the emergency situation required: extinguishing the fire, providing emergency medical care, or rescuing a citizen. I realized that this was one of the best tactics I learned about overcoming fear, and I have used continually. This tactic of overcoming fear is to focus more on what you are trying to accomplish, and less on the emotions you are feeling. Thus, overcoming fear does not entail never experiencing any fear or recognizing the danger. The goal is learning to practice not making fear/danger the primary things you focused on. So today, instead of trying to rid yourself of the fear that may be hindering you from pursuing something you desire to accomplish; focus more on the desire outcome, the thing you are trying to accomplish. How satisfying it will be to accomplish this goal.

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”

Japanese Proverb

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