DrPortiaFaceShotHappy Wednesday!!

On Monday, I encouraged everyone to identify one thing every day of this week to be thankful for. On yesterday, I experience a sober reminder of our mortality. I had the opportunity to converse with a former co-worker who I had not spoken with in many years. He shared with me that he was preparing for his mother’s funeral on yesterday. It made me realize how blessed I was to have both of my parents, all my siblings, my significant other, and closest friends still living to share another day. So today, take a moment to tell the people in your life that matter the most, you love them and appreciate them. If someone you loved, has died. Take a moment today, to think about something funny he or she would do and say that always brought a smile to your face or laughter in your heart. Memories often are looked at as torturous reminders, when we experience the loss of a person we love. However, combined with thankfulness for having the person touch your life. They can be a balm of healing.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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