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A short time ago, I talked briefly about the idea of transition. I was reflecting on this some more. Just trying to identify, what makes transition so hard. As I previously mentioned, one thing which makes it difficult is the in between part of the journey, when you have left the familiar but have not reached your designation. However, I think another thing, which make it so challenging is taking that first step; even before you get to “the in between.” I believe that first step is especially harder if changes in circumstances do not make it almost impossible for you to stand still; forcing you to take that first step. Another thing which makes transition hard is when others are traveling with you. But you are leading the way. Thus, you face the demand of keeping them and yourself on course. Although the old adage says, there is comfort in numbers; during times of transition numbers may seem more like a burden than a blessing.

 So if this is you! Overcoming these difficulties require you to have tunnel vision and increase acuity simultaneously. You must be laser focused on your destination; yet, attending to every bump in the road or potential landmine that you/others may step on. You also must be determined to complete the journey, as well as be a cheerleader to those who are traveling with you.

This state of being reminds me of the mindset I had to maintain while hiking the Grand Canyon several years ago. As we (me and my hiking partner) were coming out of the canyon, and it was getting steeper, the air thinner, and my legs were getting weary. I had to remain focus on getting to the top, while yet; paying attention to not trip on the rocks and stones on the trail, step in all the wonderful mule waste, or misstep off the trail; falling to my death. At one point, my hiking partner had to become my cheerleader, because I hit a wall. I had heard about “hitting walls.” But this was the first time in all of my athletic endeavors, I had ever experienced that. It was an incredible experience; despite all of these challenges (one I desire to repeat). However, it required some intense effort, concentration, and determination; much like periods of transition in our lives.

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