DrPortiaFaceShotHello Everyone,

It’s another wonderful Wednesday. Many are looking forward to this holiday weekend in America: Memorial Day. I was recently at a high school graduation ceremony. As usual the ceremony open with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and the singing of the National Anthem. As I looked around, I noticed that some did not recite the pledge, some were not singing and even heard a comment made about “not really believing in all this.”

As I watched this scene play out, I realized that this is the beauty of freedom of speech in America – we have the right to make disparaging remarks about our government and not be arrested or killed. I also thought if it were not for the men and women in the military, protecting this right. This “freedom of speech” would not be possible. So as we move forward in this week. I want to encourage everyone to do two things.

First, take time to make a kind statement or do a kind gesture towards someone currently serving in the military. Secondly, take time to remember/honor all the individuals who served in our Armed Forces and gave their lives on our behalf, and their family members who were left behind. This may be a simple act of attending a local ceremony, saying a prayer for the family members left behind or giving a donation to a survivor’s group.

The greater question is not what we will live for but what we are willing to die for. What are your thoughts, share them with me in the comments below



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